Personal and Special Care Services
The level of care will depend on the level of the dependency of the Care Recipient. We endeavour to providing you with the level of care tailored to your needs.
With this in mind our team of specialized staff are able to assist in providing a therapeutic environment.
We are dedicated to providing you with a quality service at a reasonable rate.
Contact us today Tel 1300 206 441 or email us at centreresidentialcare@gmail.com


All electrical equipment that is brought to the facility is to be safety tested by our Maintenance department to ensure its safety and compliance with standards.
Our Friendly staff are schedule for cleaning and monitoring safe house keeping on a regular basis.
At Centre Residential Care, we value our Care Recipients and look to achieving the best out- come for their level of care needs on a day to day bases and maintain occupational health and safety standards.

Centre Residential Care provides a laundry service. However, facilities are not available for any woollens or heavy clothing.
To ensure that delicate fabrics are maintained in excellent order we suggest that woollen or delicate fabric garments are taken home for families to launder or they may be dry cleaned. The dry cleaning remains the Care Recipient’s or family’s responsibility.
Centre Residential Care provides for washing of personal clothing. All personal items of laundry should be clearly marked with the owner’s name, preferably welded name tags or sewn on tags. The home cannot accept any responsibility for any lost or misplaced items.
Centre Residential Care can provide suitable labels for the Care Recipient. These labels can be welded onto all types of fabrics and are very suitable for the needs of clear identification of personal clothing.

Community Based Services are Readily Available on Request

Medical Practitioner
A doctor will visit as required and on a regular basis every second month. You are free to have the doctor of your choice.
Pharmaceutical Service
You are free to use the Pharmacist of your choice. The Local Pharmacist does visit the home.
Podiatry Services are available.

A visiting hairdresser is available. The Care Recipient is responsible for payment.
Social Workers
A social worker is a health professional who helps people in times of crisis. Their clients may include families, students, hospital patients or the elderly.
Social workers can provide their clients with practical support, counselling, information and emotional support. They can suggest different ways of looking at the problem and will be able to give their client the information they need in order to make a difference to their life.
Depending on the level of care we are able to have a social worker meet with you as scheduled by our friendly staff and upon request.
A more specialized service is readily available for your day to day needs.
Religious Services
our Love for Christ marks our passion in making a difference in our local communities.
You are welcome to attended our services or have the person of your choice.
A range of Churches conduct regular services in the local community and a visiting priest or minister may call you any time you choose. Communion may be arranged at any time on request.
Residential Care – Commonly Asked Questions
It is important that the clothing a Care Recipient wears is both comfortable and easy to both put on and take off. Easy wear and easy-care fabrics are ideal for clothing to maintain a good look and yet at the same time the item of clothing is serviceable.
Some Care Recipient require clothing that opens down the back and fastens with Velcro or tapes for ease of changing clothes with a minimum of difficulty. The staff can help you choose appropriate clothing if required. Some companies specialize in ready-made clothing for this purpose. the nurse unit manager can provide relevant information if required.

As a guideline it is suggested that a Care Recipient has the following as a minimum:

  • 8 sets of day clothing suitable for varying temperatures
  • 8 sets of underclothing consisting of singlets/vests and
  • knickers/underpants
  • 12 Handkerchiefs
  • 6 pair of socks/stocking
  • 4 cardigans or tops
  • Comfortable and supportive day shoes with a low heel
  • Slippers for sitting
  • A jacket if the resident goes on an outing
  • Hat for when sitting or walking outside if this is appropriate
  • 6 sets of night wear i.e. PJ’s or Nightdresses
  • Dressing gown
Appointments with a counsellor may be arranged upon request.
Charges may be levied to Care Recipients for the use of the above services where the services are not included in the Schedule of Specified Care and Services set out in Schedule 1 of the Quality of Care Principles 2014.
Petty Cash
A small float of petty cash is kept secure in each facility and managed by the Manager, this is to pay for incidentals such as the hairdresser etc, please discuss on admission, a copy of the balance and expenditure is available to the Power of Attorney (POA)/ Next of Kin (NOK).

Financial and Legal Management
Care Recipients are encouraged to remain independent in all aspects of their life, including money management. Families are asked to assist with money management if required.

Each Care Recipient of a residential care service has the right:

Full and effective use of his or her personal, civil, legal and consumer rights;

  • Quality care which is appropriate to his or her needs;
  • Full information about his or her own state of health and about available treatments;
  • To be treated with dignity and respect, and to live without exploitation, abuse or neglect;
  • To live without discrimination or victimization, and without being obliged to feel grateful to those providing his or her care and accommodation;
  • Personal privacy;
  • Live in a safe, secure and homelike environment, and to move freely both within and outside the residential care service without undue restriction;
  • To be treated and accepted as an individual, and to have his or her individual preferences taken into account and treated with respect;
  • Continue his or her cultural and religious practices and to retain the language of his or her choice, without discrimination;
  • Select and maintain social and personal relationships with any other person without fear, criticism or restriction;
  • Freedom of speech;
  • Maintain his or her personal independence;
  • Accept personal responsibility for his or her own actions and choices, even though some actions may involve an element of risk which the resident has the right to accept, and that should then not be used to prevent or restrict those actions;
  • Maintain control over, and to continue making decisions about, the personal aspects of his or her daily life, financial affairs and possessions;
  • To be involved in the activities, associations and friendships of his or her choice, both within and outside the CentreResidential Care Service;
  • Have access to services and activities which are available generally in the community;
  • to be consulted on, and to choose to have input into, decisions about the living arrangements of the residential care service;
  • Have access to information about his or her rights, care, accommodation, and any other information which relates to him or her personally;
  • Complain and to take action to resolve disputes; to have access to advocates and other avenues of redress; and each Care Recipient of a residential care service has the responsibility: to respect the rights and needs of other people within the residential care service, and to respect the needs of the residential care service community as a whole;
  • Respect the rights of staff and the proprietor to work in an environment which is free from harassment;
  • Care for his or her own health and well-being, as far as he or she is capable; and
  • Inform his or her medical practitioner, as far as he or she is able, about his or her relevant medical history and his or her current state of health.
Centre Residential Care Health Service, we believe that a complaint is an opportunity to improve. Please feel free to approach staff with any concerns or grievances you may have. We appreciate any input and will do our best to resolve any grievances. Confidentiality is assured at all times.
If you feel your grievance has not been dealt with appropriately, we welcome you to put your grievance in writing and address it to the Complaints Officer at Centre Residential Care Senior First Aid. A response in writing will be provided to the complainant with appropriate explanation, actions taken and an invitation for further discussion if you are not satisfied with the response.
Complaint forms are available from each of the Centre Residential Care facilities or the Manager or by clicking here. Please feel free to ask any staff member for one of these forms if you would like to raise your concern.
A Care Recipient may feel more at ease resolving their grievances externally. Talking to a friend can do this or a further avenue is to contact our office on Tel: 1300 209 633 or email us: centreresidentialcare@gmail.com